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Cooper Tires wants to be the top of the mind when it comes to buying new tires. Since tires is a low interest product it can be quite challenging. That is the reason why Cooper wants to build a strong brand and be recognisable among potential customers. Cooper wants to find new ways to engage with their customers, improve the brand image in order to reach their goal.
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Concept Development, UI/UX


Cooper Tires


Enschede, The Netherlands


Introducing conversational user interface

The final product is the redesign of the Cooper Tires website. Conversational User Interface (CUI) was implemented in the new design of the website. CUI will improve the engagement with the customers, ease the buying experience and increase the purchase intention

Design guidelines

During the concepting phase, the guidelines for conversational user interfaces were created. These guidelines were used to create the CUI for Cooper Tires. The desk research on CUI and purchase intention was the basis of creating these guidelines. The assets of the guidelines include a “Conversational User interface Design Model” and a "Conversational Solution Canvas".

Customer journey map

Customer journey map was created for this project to visualise the process of the target audience experience the conversation solution.


The wireframes were made to have a clear explanation of how the CUI works for the client.




First of all, the bot will initiate the conversation with a welcome message as the on-boarding component. In the message it will introduce himself and let the user know that it can help with searching for tires. As well as text, the bot will display buttons to provoke users to interact with it


Car details

Bot will ask for a tire size or a car model in order to find the right tires.


Help pop-up

Cooper Bot will provide extra information if needed in cases where the user might have a lack of knowledge about certain topic. The information will be displayed in the pop-up page.


Visual input fields

Users can fill in the details using the visual input fields.


Split Screen

When the bot will have enough information to offer a set of fitting tires the screen will split in two: the chatbot box and a web-view with offered tires. Cooper Bot will continue asking questions to narrow down the search.


Tire Overview

When the user will view a certain tire the bot will send promotional materials (images, videos) and the product. Some questions will be suggested to the customer to ask the bot.


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